Mechanical Design of the Freerunner/gta02-core/gta03

Fabian Schölzel fabian.schoelzel at
Tue Aug 25 10:59:07 CEST 2009

(See below for a mail, that i posted to gta02-core list on the
weekend. I repost it here for more audience. Please answer here. Thank

Hi List,

in the community list we discussed sometime ago what tools we want to use. But
i thought we can hardly choose the right tools, if we dont define, what there
is to get done - and even more than that - how to get it done. Do we need 2D-
Sheets? How to host the parts central, so that changes are visible immediately
for everyone (maybe standard software revision tools are applicable)? What
type of document numbering system is needed?

Ok, that are my questions, i will investigate them myself this weekend. Im
opening the cad files in Autodesk Inventor to look around a bit. This mail
also asks the community, if there are other people, who want to help getting
mechanical changes done for the freerunner. Please speak up.


(The news from the weekend are: Inventor will not start correctly with
"normal" graphic drivers. :/ )

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