Mechanical Design of the Freerunner/gta02-core/gta03

Ben Thompson bt4 at
Tue Aug 25 12:06:20 CEST 2009

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 10:59:07AM +0200, Fabian Schölzel wrote:

> for everyone (maybe standard software revision tools are applicable)? What
> type of document numbering system is needed?

I have often wondered whether it is best to stear clear of
"intelligent document numbering" (some sort of system
which includes information other than a sequential number).
The reasoning is that if the product changes in a way that was not
originally thought of, then the system my not be adaptable to the new

Perhaps it is best simply to have a sequential number which applies
to any sort of document be it PCB layout, mechanical CAD drawing,
etc. It is also necesarry to have some sort to revision number, which
might be separate from the number on the drawing itself.

So what I am saying is, do not do this :-

Example PCB layout     -> PCB-LAYER1-12345-GTA02_core rev 3
Example CAD drawing    -> DWG-MOULDING-12345-GTA02_core rev 3

Instead do this :-

Example	PCB layout     -> 0000001 rev 3
Example	CAD drawing    -> 0000002 rev 3

What does anyone else think?

Ben Thompson

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