Mechanical Design of the Freerunner/gta02-core/gta03

Fabian Schölzel fabian.schoelzel at
Tue Aug 25 13:24:06 CEST 2009

2009/8/25 Robin Paulson <robin.paulson at>:
> depends on the number of drawings you have. having worked on projects
> (admittedly slightly larger than the neo...) with hundreds of
> drawings, it helps no end having your fire protection set labelled
> differently to the aircon, and again labelled differently to the
> sanitary systems and structural steel.

My english is not that good: By "helps no end" you mean "helps really
good"? If you meant it like that, i agree with you. It helps to
identify a part at first by its number, where and what it is. But
maybe the Freerunner has not so much parts, that you dont really need
it. But - it would help people, that are new.

So, i imagine something like this:
- Version of the whole design (2 digits) (this is unassociated to the
name of the "product", so "07" can be the final design for GTA02-core)
- Type of document (3-4 letters)
- document number (maybe 6 digits?)
- revision index (digits or letters)

That makes: 07-PART-001208-A

The part with the document number is straight numbered without any
logic from 000000 to 999999. Version 07 can inherit parts from other
versions. New revisions makes the older ones obsolete.

But something tells me, that document numbers doesn't have to be fixed
in size. Maybe we can make it just start with 1 and dont show/type
unnecessary leading zeros. Also the revision index can go that way.
This way we dont make ourselves any borders.

I hope i could make myself clear - as said, my english is not that good. :)


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