[ALL] New showroom for Openmoko apps

Markus Törnqvist mjt at nysv.org
Tue Aug 25 21:03:46 CEST 2009

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 09:21:37PM +0300, Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
>Someone please test apt-portal and see what it offers or how much work
>it is to hack it to do what we want.

I installed it as Joao Pinto suggested, like

and it worked without a problem.

Anyone else care to try too?

>I don't think it's much work:
>oe-based distros and debian shouldn't be a problem since the
>repositories are veeery close to the ubuntu repositories used by
>playdeb -> I'd guess that setting up the first versions is a breeze
>(for someone who knows python & web-things..).

I for one have never used these technologies, but a tutorial should
kick me along nicely ;)

Anyone else care to try too?

>- Packages classification (main, optional, additional)
>- Translation support for the site template

Should be easy enough.

>- List recent changes to the repository (with apturl feeds)

Any pointers on how this should work?

>- Support for packages/applications descriptions translation

Probably ok.

>- Automated packages information import/update from Packages(.gz,/.bz2) files
>  -> works out of the box for oe-based and debian based distros?!

Post-dput hook or something? At the very least a cronjob?

>- AJAX filter/search for names, descriptions and tags
>  -> tags can be used to separate different distro releases?

Myeah whatever apt-portal gives us and then see if we need something

>As playdeb already supports different Ubuntu version (like 9.04, 8.10
>etc..) I can't image it being hard to change apt-portal to manage
>these as different distros (om2009, SHR, debian..) see

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Ubuntus and Debians (I'm half on memory here, correct me if I'm wrong)
can share a pool directory and have the dists directory tell us
which version of which package belongs to which distro.

So for this to work with apt-portal om2009, shr and debian would have
to be identical enough to work as only ubuntu or only debian, by having
everything in one place and having the Packages file filter them
to the correct distros.

The bottom line, then, looks a bit like we need to figure out how
to manage the repository/repositories that apt-portal shows to the
community, right?

>Building from scratch is tons of work and stupid as we already have
>apt-portal around.


>And app-centric vs. distro-centric, I don't think it makes sense to
>create separate installations of apt-portal for each distro but have
>all apps in the same system separating distros by
>tags/categories/source repositories. So the first thing a user selects
>is his distro and then he'd only see the apps for his distro.

Myeah, but I think the comments should be in some context of the distro,
like I said elsewhere, because of eg. vendor drift and vastly different

"I really liked the game but it sucked how it wasn't completable **" - SHR
"Great game, especially now that it's completable *****" - Om


Anyway, let's feel around apt-portal for a while and see what it can
do for us..

>-> my 2 cents go for apt-portal so now we have.. hmm.. not enought to
>buzz-fix FR of the one who sets up apt-portal for us :)

Anything production-grade will take a long while :P


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