[ALL] Showroom practices

Markus Törnqvist mjt at nysv.org
Tue Aug 25 23:35:54 CEST 2009


Having looked at apt-portal[1] my vote says that should be used for
whatever we're going to build.

Here are some practical questions:

1. Where to read about different distros, or more specifically their
What are these magical bb recipes, for example, and to what extent
are they relevant to our interests?

2. How exactly does apt-portal build links to package installations?

3. Where does the distro information live in the apt-portal db?

4. How do different distros update their repositories?
What I'm meaning here is, that are they using something like dput,
for which we could write a hook that publishes the new version in apt-portal
when uploaded to stable?

5. We will track testing and unstable as distributions too?
Joao, if you see this, how does that testing checkbox in apt-portal work?

6. Where would we host our stuff?
I think getting bzr access to apt-portal would be real nice for all the
people interested, but is it ok to clutter up apt-portal's bzr with
"irrelevant" application-domain stuff like openmoko, instead of just
tracking the features that benefit everyone.

7. Upcoming feature: comment and reviews
Looking at the apt-portal db schema, it makes most sense to have comments
per application, though I am still partially against it ;)
Maybe the comments should be tied to distro and version but displayed
per application... What do you think?

8. Upcoming feature: application management
I'm not sure if this is already supported by apt-portal but I guess not.
The idea would be that if someone is the programmer, a part of the programming
team, or the packager, or whatever, he would get access to edit the
application on the site, to not always bother someone else with it ;)

If all that ties together, basically "just running" the upstream repository
with some post-publish hooks might maybe make this showroom of ours run

(Of course it would be cool to have our own mirrors and distro management
framework etc in the future but that's not relevant to this, at least not
this milestone 1 ;)

What do you distro maintainers think? apt-portal maintainers? community?




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