Freerunner & wireless internet

Michele Brocco ssj2micvm at
Wed Aug 26 14:13:22 CEST 2009

> Just this morning, with SHR 2009/08/08:
>         1. resume
>         2. enable wifi in shr-settings
>         3. use mofi to connect
>         4. profit
For me in SHR-U with mofi wifi reconnects after resume (just with the
same essid however). It just doesnt re-request a dhcp lease, have to
call udhcpc manually then. Does the dhcp-lease re-request after
re-connection to the AP work for u guys?

>  Could it be that mofi uses some of the workarounds?
>  connman+mokonnect has never worked on my Freerunner, I'm willing to
>  try new versions if they're already in the shr-u repo because mokonnect
>  seems much more better in terms of usability (but unfortunately doesn't WFM).
Same here.

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