How to hold my FreeRunner so the other end can hear me clearly?

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Wed Aug 26 15:00:05 CEST 2009


My old cell phone is a Rogers-branded Nokia 6103b, which is a clamshell
phone.  You can see a photo of a T-Mobile-branded Nokia 6103 on Wikipedia:


When open, my Nokia 6103b is long enough (longer than the FreeRunner) that I
can have the speaker near my ear and the microphone near my mouth.  People
can hear me clearly with my Nokia 6103b, but sometimes I have to move the
speaker so I can hear them better.

However, because the FreeRunner is so much shorter, I have to hold it like
this so people can hear me clearly:


This seems strange to me because the speaker is so far from my ear, so other
people can hear both me and the other person on the phone.  However, maybe
this is normal for bar phones?  The only other cell phone I have had is my
Nokia 6103b, so maybe I am too used to clamshell phones?

This is how I want to hold my FreeRunner:


Is there any way to make this position practical, other than using a


PS:  I almost forgot to mention:  I am using SHR-U on a rev A6 US
FreeRunner.  My carrier is Speak Out Wireless.  I live in the Lower Mainland
of British Columbia, Canada.

Sometimes I forget how to do small talk: <>

“If you have to ask why, you’re not a member of the intended audience.” —
Bob Zimbinski, <>
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