Different Navit builds

Christian Rüb christian.rueb at gmx.net
Wed Aug 26 20:45:30 CEST 2009

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak wrote:
> Navit in revision 2520 is now in SHR unstable repo :)

Sorry if the following is getting a bit off topic

Thanks for doing the updates, but current version does not build (qpainter error during compile as it is based on qt 4.5.2)
Also could you also please change the .desktop file:

diff --git a/recipes/navit/files/navit.desktop b/recipes/navit/files/navit.desktop
index 05ecc1d..d2be342 100644
--- a/recipes/navit/files/navit.desktop
+++ b/recipes/navit/files/navit.desktop
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 [Desktop Entry]
 Comment=GPS Navigation
+Exec=unset LC_ALL; navit

Having set LC_ALL leads to unexpected results concerning GPS coordinates...
Also we could include the navit icons 70px from Kazer [2] from here [1] in standard SHR navit package - what do you think?

[2] http://n2.nabble.com/Re-navit-0-1-0-svnrev1981-r1-pkg-broken-tp2473189p2740186.html
[1] http://www.kazer.org/navit/freerunner_navit_icons.tar

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