New features in opimd queries

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak seba.dos1 at
Wed Aug 26 22:50:38 CEST 2009


I looked today into implementing new features in opimd queries. Since
ages special field "_limit" was supported, limiting number of results
returned by query. Now there are more special fields :)

If you set _at_least_one to some non-false value, opimd will switch
into "at least one field" mode. Query {'Name':'dos', 'Content' :
'Test', '_at_least_one': True} will return entries with Name = dos
*or* Content = Test. Without '_at_least_one', opimd checks if entry
matches to all fields in query (so Name = dos *and* Content = Test) .

Now you can also query values greater or lower than specified. To do
that, you can use '_gt_Timestamp' or '_lt_Timestamp' fields (replace
Timestamp with whatever you want). Those field names are equal to
'_float_gt_Timestamp', '_float_lt_Timestamp'. There are also
'_int_gt_Timestamp' and '_int_lt_Timestamp' fields which you can use
with integer values, when you don't need float. Maybe it gives some
performance speed-up ;)

Also, sorting is implemented on opimd side. To specify by which field
you want to sort, use '_sortby' field. Default order is ascending, you
can change it to descending by setting '_sortdesc' to non-false value.

Recently opimd also was teached how to use libphone-utils, so it can
do phone resolving correctly. So now quering {'Phone':'tel:663123456'}
will return contact with phone '+480663123456' (country code, national
prefix and other friends has to be configured in libphone-utils. In
SHR there is SHR Settings module for that, you can do that also
manually in /etc/phone-utils.conf. To use that features, you have to
have python-phoneutils package installed.

Work on "inteligent queries" was also started. Now when you query
{'Name':'dos'} in for instance Contacs, and after that new contact
with name 'dos' arrives, ContactAdded signal is emitted in that query
path. GUI apps can make use of that to dynamicly update screens.

New domains were added - Notes, Tasks, Dates. Notes domain seems to be
finished. Tasks domain isn't used anywhere yet, so I don't know how
usable it is ;) But basics should work, as it's based on
GenericDomain, as every domain now (except Messages, but that's just
because I'm too lazy ;)). I also don't know much about Dates domain.
Heinervdm and morphis said that they will work on it, so let's see
what they'll do :)

Also - old feature, just to remind - opimd sends MessageUpdated and
MessageDeleted signals (change Messages to Contact, Call, Note or
whatever else). When using opimd interface for handling SMS, you get
CSM (concatenated short messages) support absolutely for free

And one thing about opimd-utils: package in shr-unstable was divided
into opimd-utils, opimd-utils-data, opimd-utils-cli and
opimd-utils-notes. opimd-notes is now included in shr fat image and
opimd-cli is in both lite and fat images (will be there after next
image build, now they're available in repo). I consider opimd-notes as
finished in functionality, only some tweak ups due to async support
and dynamic refreshing screen on new data has to be done :)

frameworkd with all that features is already in shr-unstable
repositories. I'll try to document all those features in FSO docs

Enjoy and happy coding! :)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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