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Thu Aug 27 00:50:23 CEST 2009

I personally really like paroli, but dont see the need for a completely
separate distro for it.
I would like to see more work being done to integrating paroli as an
phone-util option into shr  (Perhaps down the road even integrating c_c's
'launcher' idea as a part of it?)
That would be the ideal phone environment for me.

But I'm probably biased as I use SHR-U as my daily phone. ;)

Thanks for all the work on paroli and om2009 though Angus!
As I mentioned above, I really like paroli, and appreciate all the hard work
you have put in thus far and hope that you continue!
Paroli as a quick and responsive phone utility is certainly an asset to the
om community!

-Dan Staley

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 6:39 PM, Angus Ainslie <nytowl at> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've been encouraged by a couple of persistent community members to post an
> update to Om2009. First ( other than taking some time off for the summer )
> I'll
> tell you what I've been working on.
> I've been working on getting the 2.6.30 kernel with openwrt patches
> running.
> After a dismal failure earlier in the month I now have a running system.
> You
> can download experimental images to see its current state. I believe it is
> building and running most days.
> There are two caveats to using the bleeding edge experimental.
> 1) SD card are failing to mount on occasion. This may be due to patches
> missed
> by me or a function of Om2009 versus openwrt booting.
> 2) fsousaged crashes whenever it gets a suspend message. I've traced it to
> the
> point of fso_usage_low_level_suspend getting called with a NULL argument.
> So
> for a working phone suspend will need to be disabled for now.
> I'd like feedback from anyone brave enough to try it.
> Now I have a question of all of you. Should I continue to maintain Om2009.
> From the recent poll by rhk it seems that SHR users outnumber OM users by ~
> 7:1. So what I'd like to know is does anyone still think Om2009 is a worthy
> venture or should I move over to SHR and see what help I can be there.
> This should not be interpreted as paroli being abandoned as paroli is in
> the
> SHR feeds. I haven't tested it, but getting it to work would be one of my
> first
> tasks if it doesn't.
> This question also has a caveat. Before the end of the month I will be
> starting a full time contract which will cut into the time that I will have
> to
> devote to Om2009. So if Om2009 does move forward the progress will be slow.
> Looking forward to your responses
> Angus
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