Showroom hosting , roadmap draft & design

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at
Thu Aug 27 03:38:47 CEST 2009

Dear Community
As you also notice I'm very exited for the new app showroom and how
all the things are going in this aspect, and I was thinking in how to
all host this.
What do you think about Tuxbrain sponsoring this hosting on a
dedicated server with a decent bandwith 100Mb/s ,maybe shared with
others FOSS projects, like the version control system for the showroom
app ;)
Do you will feel uncomfortable if we put our logo as sponsors?

As draft for  roadmad, what do you think in in the first release we
focuse in adapt apt-portal to only one distros (I propose
SHR(popularity)  but staying with the functionalities apt-portal offer
right now. and once released the first version, start working on
improve and add more functionalities/Distros
So basically there are r main tasks
-Test & adapt if needed the import from opkg repository
-Enrich the description of the apps and pics and vids
-Desing the frontend for the app (at least for this firts version)

As next stept for the next version, I will say:
Including Debian(no mod needed) as distro and see how we can
share/discriminate  info of same apps for diferent distros
(descriptions, pics, vids, comments, packages....)

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