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Thu Aug 27 10:01:56 CEST 2009

Angus, a lot of respect goes to you for asking the opinion of the
community and listening to our needs!

To me it looks like moving over to SHR makes sense: focusing all
available resources and skills on one distro instead of trying to keep
OM2009 alive with waayy too little resources. I believe this would
take us far, to compete with other smart phones, maybe have a
non-geek-only -phone one day!

OM2009 has been a nice distro but the lack of developers makes it a
doomsday machine, dead end, ...

And I've also heard that SHR testing has been without care already for
a loong time and desperately needs someone to work on it. As you said,
your time is also limited so I suggest you take the
coordinating/consulting responsibility of that and first try to find a
'core team' to work on testing - I'd think some SHR devels would be
happy to make testing work. It might again be a little too much if you
try to do it alone so a team to work on it would be good and also make
the work more pleasant as you could share your thoughts with others.

And a great thing is now that we have Paroli on SHR. I don't know if
someone has already tested it or have been able to make a call but I'm
looking forward for you and Mirko to fix it :)

Did I already post this for everyone to read:
- anyway, read it again, it's a great post.


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| risto at kurppa dot fi

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