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On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 4:38 AM, David Reyes Samblas
Martinez<david at> wrote:
> Dear Community
> As you also notice I'm very exited for the new app showroom and how
> all the things are going in this aspect, and I was thinking in how to
> all host this.
> What do you think about Tuxbrain sponsoring this hosting on a
> dedicated server with a decent bandwith 100Mb/s ,maybe shared with
> others FOSS projects, like the version control system for the showroom
> app ;)
> Do you will feel uncomfortable if we put our logo as sponsors?
> As draft for  roadmad, what do you think in in the first release we
> focuse in adapt apt-portal to only one distros (I propose
> SHR(popularity)  but staying with the functionalities apt-portal offer
> right now. and once released the first version, start working on
> improve and add more functionalities/Distros
> So basically there are r main tasks
> -Test & adapt if needed the import from opkg repository
> -Enrich the description of the apps and pics and vids
> -Desing the frontend for the app (at least for this firts version)
> As next stept for the next version, I will say:
> Including Debian(no mod needed) as distro and see how we can
> share/discriminate  info of same apps for diferent distros
> (descriptions, pics, vids, comments, packages....)
> From here I spect to have some way better to manage milestones better
> than a post on mailing list to continue defining functionalities and
> improvements :)
> Regarding design of the site, as some also now Victor Remolina is a
> good designer and is as excited as I for the project, and would like
> to hear from you comments and ideas on how do you would like the
> showrom looks  to starting doing some proposals and mokups, this will
> ease to start the html templates. Everything is accepted now
> (brainstorming phase) feelings, colors, examples, and any kind of
> usuability/desing ideas ,  then victor (and any other
> designer/volunteer of course) can create some proposal based on this.
> and maybe do a kind of pool to decide between diferent options if more
> than one is proposed.
> Please comment and discuss :)
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I must admit that every time I see a company announcing it's ready to
do something in the web (write reviews to a shared blog, host
something) I get some bad feeling.

But if the Tuxbrain logo isn't the biggest one on the site and other
people have full access to the code too I can't see any proper reasons
why this couldn't be OK. Especially it's great if you have resources
(like Victor the designer) to do the job!

And yes, I agree that first to set up it working for one distro first
and then start improving it from there, supporting other distros too.

I think the question is what distro should be first. SHR yes but
testing or unstable?
ATM testing's not used much and it's not maintained. We're hoping to
see someone to take it over (maybe nytowl will do it) and make it
usable again.
Most of the people use Unstable.

I think supporting unstable first is a stupid act - hey, it's unstable!
Testing makes more sense as things don't keep changing all the time.

But things being as they are now.. I really don't know. I fear that if
unstable's the first to be supported, no apps will ever find their
ways to testing.

Waiting to see the appstore up&running somewhere :)

(ps. now that SHR seems to be the #1 distro, I remember that someone
somewhere said that this showroom installer could be integrated to SHR
installer -> Freerunner GUI for Showroom!)

| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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