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rakshat hooja schrieb:
>     SHR-U from 2009/08/08 is more stable than Om2009t5 on my
>     FreeRunner. I used
>     to have to reboot about once per day, but now days pass without a
>     reboot
>     quite easily!
>     Rui
>     _
> Some days SHR-U is very stable and sometimes it is not as all the
> latest bleeding stuff comes in. Some of us can fix the SHR-U latest by
> downgrading+upgrading+force overwriting some stuff etc but for a
> newcommer to SHR testing build that has atleast gsm+gps working on 2nd
> boot is required so that he/she atleast gets a chance to experience
> SHR instead of thinking its a non-functional distribution.
For me following distris where unusable (as daily phone, which i need):
* paroli
* hackable
* android (missing tangogps)
* shr-testing (delay between answer and can speek)

the only _functional_ distri for me is: shr unstable (with all opkg


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