Xavier Cremaschi omega.xavier at
Thu Aug 27 14:52:05 CEST 2009

Angus Ainslie a écrit :
> Now I have a question of all of you. Should I continue to maintain Om2009. 
> From the recent poll by rhk it seems that SHR users outnumber OM users by ~ 
> 7:1. So what I'd like to know is does anyone still think Om2009 is a worthy 
> venture or should I move over to SHR and see what help I can be there.

As a Om2009t5 user it's a big YES for me.
I know that numbers speak against Om2009, but I use and love this distrib.
I am using it since 1st july, and I find it :
- usable (hi Paroli !)
- stable while using (few reboots, only when battery exhausted or when I 
need to change SIM, which is rare)
- stable while upgrading : I was used to break lots of things while 
upgrading my SHR-U, it's far better with Om2009

Xavier Cremaschi.

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