SHR first experiences & user manual

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Aug 27 15:02:24 CEST 2009

your observations are good :) . perhaps you spent more time describing
things rather then would take editing the wiki?

i just returned from holidays yesterday, so will try to check the page
and catch with the latest development that made many things obsolete.

the page has a life on it's own now, with many people editing it, with
shr changing and manual becoming obsolete. day after day, i think we
should actually stop editing it now and really ask shr team for
branching out a testing image and then base the manual on it, as things
will not change so rapidly so we can keep up with the manual.

RHK> 13:44 < dos1> cellhunter?
RHK> 13:44 < dos1> ...
RHK> 13:44 < dos1> use openBmap ;P
RHK> 13:44 < rhkfin> no, not cellhunter :)

thanks for your opinion, this is a big world, isn't it :)


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