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Thu Aug 27 16:19:07 CEST 2009

> !Hola!
> I must admit that every time I see a company announcing it's ready to
> do something in the web (write reviews to a shared blog, host
> something) I get some bad feeling.
:) I understand , as user/pseudodevel/colaborator sometimes I got the
same feelings , but without entering in much philosophy Tuxbrain was
born as a FOSS friendly(to not say lover) company and no reasons on
the horizon to leave that way :)
> But if the Tuxbrain logo isn't the biggest one on the site and other
> people have full access to the code too I can't see any proper reasons
> why this couldn't be OK. Especially it's great if you have resources
> (like Victor the designer) to do the job!
Talking about resources a

Intel Core2Duo 2x 2.33+ GHz 1066 MHz 64 bits
HDD 	2x 500 GB SATA2
Debian Lenny server is on the way to host this :)
> And yes, I agree that first to set up it working for one distro first
> and then start improving it from there, supporting other distros too.
> I think the question is what distro should be first. SHR yes but
> testing or unstable?
> ATM testing's not used much and it's not maintained. We're hoping to
> see someone to take it over (maybe nytowl will do it) and make it
> usable again.
> Most of the people use Unstable.
most people use unestable because there is no more option, if a
testing release is released any day I think people will happyly
migrate to that one time to time.

> I think supporting unstable first is a stupid act - hey, it's unstable!
> Testing makes more sense as things don't keep changing all the time.
> But things being as they are now.. I really don't know. I fear that if
> unstable's the first to be supported, no apps will ever find their
> ways to testing.
After reading 4 times this paragraph I understad you, you mean use the
showroom as motivation to devels/matainers to push to be in the
testing release to be able to appear in the showrom, well good point,
I hope we have a testing soon then :)
> Waiting to see the appstore up&running somewhere :)
soon soon :)
> (ps. now that SHR seems to be the #1 distro, I remember that someone
> somewhere said that this showroom installer could be integrated to SHR
> installer -> Freerunner GUI for Showroom!)
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