Putting the *S*table back in *S*HR!

DJDAS djdas at djdas.net
Thu Aug 27 17:52:47 CEST 2009

Warren Baird ha scritto:
> hey all,
> As I (and others) mentioned in the recent OM2009 thread - One of the 
> great advantages of SHR is that it is being developed so quickly.  
> However, I'd also say that one of the great *DIS*advantages of SHR is 
> that it's being developed so quickly that it's often not very stable, 
> and the 'testing' build is woefully out of date.
This is why I never used SHR (and I won't for many time to come, I 

> I don't have very much spare time in my life right now, so I 
> unfortunately can't take it on myself, but I think it'd be very 
> beneficial if someone was willing to step up and take charge of 
> getting shr-testing updated periodically, and maybe even releasing an 
> shr-stable that has at least some of the snazzy stuff from shr-u in it.
Or rename it UHR (Unstable Hybrid Release) :P

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