Additional editing guidelines for distribution manuals (Was: SHR first experiences & user manual)

Petr Vanek vanous at
Thu Aug 27 22:47:57 CEST 2009

>After reading this excellent statement from Risto I realized that we
>should expand the guidelines for writing manuals on the Wiki [1]
>The issues I want to address with these additional rules are:
>1) If there is a problem with a distribution several editors are
>adjusting the instructions on the manuals instead of reporting bugs.
>2) The SHR manual is getting very long because there is much
>information on additional applications (Risto mentions Navit and

i am not sure if you guys really know what you are talking about:

navit and sms-sentry have been in shr since long time ago. navit
always needed several tricks to get it working (issues reported) .
elementary-alarm issue has also been reported long time ago ffalarms
providing a working solution, as mentioned in the manual.
[1, 2]


i think we started with the shr user manual with the full knowledge
that the stuff moves under our feet (see another post few minutes ago
about someone not being able to download for install). we wanted to
get a platform for tweaking and updating. rather then making guidelines
about guidelines, just

1) correct factual errors
2) help to fix issues so they don't need workarounds

also, we still have lots of users who did not install last weeks image
and run shr with what was available then (two weeks ago).

the page certainly does need attention, i am only not sure if this is
the right way to spend time...

thank you

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