QtMoko images V8

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Fri Aug 28 01:08:45 CEST 2009

Hi all,
i am just uploading new QtMoko debian images. You can download as
usually from


MD5 sums:

278aeb4017784040a6edca9b0545cdcf  qtmoko-debian-v8.jffs2
a6325d44c2677a2f3ebf37469a9eba48  qtmoko-debian-v8.tar.gz
76b2307a64f34a69d45af38bc4dd8aec  uImage-v8.bin

Changes from previous version:

* UI is much faster (by fixing bug with opened accelerators.)
* Bluetooth works again (thanks to Bartłomiej Zimoń)
* Upgraded kernel to latest andy-tracking
* Fixed small font size in X
* Fixed AUX to work again when QX ends up
* Fixed compiling on newer gcc
* Added support of uploading screenshots to scap.linuxtogo.org
* QtMaze - updated to version 1.1 (various fixes, new level added)
* Fixes in package manager
* Howto for building debian based rootfs is now in GIT [1]

As for the speed, this image is finally fast and responsive and i think
it's very usable. This time I will leave testing on you - hopefully
nothing nasty crept in.

Btw if you wonder where are V7 images - they do not exist :)

Credits to everybody who helped with this release.

So enjoy, tell me how you like it and if something does not work.




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