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Fabian Killus fabian at
Fri Aug 28 07:13:23 CEST 2009

On Fri, 28 Aug 2009 08:18:47 +0300
"Risto H. Kurppa" <risto at> wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 12:40 AM, Fabian
> Killus<fabian at> wrote:
> > I did a quick mockup of how I would like to have such a showroom
> > look like. The "traditional" openmoko colors were used.
> >
> > Please comment if you like it or not (I know it's not perfect, just
> > an idea). Here comes the png:
> >
> >
> >
> > jxs
> Wow, nice done Fabian!

Thank you :)
Actually this is heavily inspired by, which is a
nice (but unofficial) package listing system for Gentoo. I just added
the distributions menu on the left side. BTW do we also need a field
that shows which other distributions provide a certain package (like:
"Other distributions with this Package: SHR, Debian")?

I thought if you switch the distribution with the left side menu and
already have selected a package, the equivalent package for the just
selected distribution should be displayed.
If this distro doesn't have such a package show an apropiate message,
maybe telling whom to contact, to get this app into the distribution.

> I like the layout, it has the elements we need. I can't find anything
> else missing than some kind of voting system to find out the top apps.

Right, I forgot the voting system.

> The colours are maybe a bit heavy, I'd prefer something lighter.

These colors are taken from the Openmoko identity guidelines [1] and I
agree that they are heavy.
Maybe now designing this showroom and its colors is a good moment to
decide as a community, wether to stick with the official guidelines or
not. I do think consistent colors are good for community spirit. I
don't care if we continue with darkgrey/orange or have something new,
as long as it is documented on the wiki.

Another issue would be the logo, here I'm not even aware if we are
allowed to use it. I recall a post be Sean Moss-Pultz to release this
stuff to the community, but don't know how or if this ever happend.

One last thing, you've maybe noticed the at top of my mockup. I questioning
which domain should be used for the showroom? I'm _not_ totally
convinced by suggestions like or so.

> I think this is a good start, I can't wait to see what David's up to.
> David: release early, release often: let us see what's happening so
> people can contribute!
> Release the specs of the layout so people can work on themes/mockups.
> Excited!
> r



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