[all] Don't answer a call by turning FR upside down..

Thomas Zimmermann zimmermann at vdm-design.de
Fri Aug 28 11:01:00 CEST 2009

Am Freitag 28 August 2009 09:48:46 schrieb Niels Heyvaert:
> > Shouldn't be very hard but it'd be extremely cool. Integration to a
> > distro (SHR maybe :) might be a bit more of a hack (adding GUI to
> > enable/disable this feature etc) though..
> Yes, it does sound like a cool feature, as long as it is turned off by
> default :-).
> Question is, is this the right time to add these type of features?
> Keeping in mind the limited resources we have, wouldn't it be better to
> concentrate on fixing all the current issues and bugs (see trac, there are
> many), improving speed and stability, getting a decent testing version for
> SHR, work on some proper documentation etc.
> Adding a nice to have feature would only complicate things further, causing
> more energy of the community going to waste.
> I guess it's all a matter of priorities...
> Niels.

There are a few thousend people having a FR and less then 100 are developing 

I think if a new one will try to implement this, it's a very good point to 
start with framworkd programming for him.
He will have a deep look into frameworkd and after implementing this he can 
help with other things because he knows the framework now.

So if a new one wants to implement this: Go for it!
Python ins't really hard to learn, i learned it just for extending opimd :)


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