QNavitCtl - Navit Bookmarks via dbus

Adolph J. Vogel ajvogel at tuks.co.za
Fri Aug 28 13:05:52 CEST 2009

> Do you mean this:
> "This is because osm2navit only knows about a few is_in tags. To fix
> this, look for a reliable is_in tag in the towns in your country. If
> there is none, contact us, we have some scripts which can help adding
> one in this case. Then add the tag (at most 3 per country) to this
> page. Unfortunately using the country border for detecting the
> membership of a town also isn't an option, because the boundaries are
> usually not closed or wrong. "

I recently also read that paragraph, since searching does not work in South 
Africa. I`m afraid its not very clear about what needs to be done. :(

Adolph J. Vogel         BEng(Hons)

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