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Fri Aug 28 16:25:25 CEST 2009

On Thu, 27 Aug 2009, Xavier Cremaschi wrote:

> Angus Ainslie a écrit :
>> Now I have a question of all of you. Should I continue to maintain 
>> Om2009. From the recent poll by rhk it seems that SHR users outnumber 
>> OM users by ~ 7:1. So what I'd like to know is does anyone still think 
>> Om2009 is a worthy venture or should I move over to SHR and see what 
>> help I can be there.
> As a Om2009t5 user it's a big YES for me.
> I know that numbers speak against Om2009, but I use and love this distrib.
> I am using it since 1st july, and I find it :
> - usable (hi Paroli !)
> - stable while using (few reboots, only when battery exhausted or when I
> need to change SIM, which is rare)
> - stable while upgrading : I was used to break lots of things while
> upgrading my SHR-U, it's far better with Om2009

i completely agree with xavier; 2009t5 has been both stable and complete 
enough to be a working phone OS for me for some time now.  i would love to 
see work on it continue, at least to take it across the line from 
testing-n to release-1 .  but i also accept that OM2009 users are few and 
far between, and it may simply not be the best use of quality development 
time to maintain it any further.

so i'm bracing myself to start looking at SHR.

but i do rather get the feeling, reading between the lines, that SHR is so 
busy forging ahead that it completely lacks any kind of functional stable 
branch.  i acknowledge Michal Brzozowski's suggestion that i

> just flush one of the SHR-u images that people report as stable and 
> don't upgrade... That's what I do.

but identifying which -U images are fully-functional and which are boxes 
of part-broken bits seems a bit of a black art.  any of you SHR chaps care 
to tell us OM2009 stick-in-the-muds how the knowledge of which releases 
are functional and which are less so is transmitted?  any chance of you 
developing a release schedule that has a place in it for people who need 
their phones to work slightly more than they need them to keep forging 


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