Bernhard Reiter ockham at
Fri Aug 28 20:47:55 CEST 2009

Am Donnerstag, den 27.08.2009, 11:21 -0400 schrieb Warren Baird:
> I must admit that I switched from OM2009 to SHR-U about a month ago
> now, since it looked like nothing was happening.
> I must admit that aside from Paroli (which apparently is coming soon
> to SHR-U - or already there), it wasn't obvious to me what the
> difference in goals were - the two environments seemed pretty similar,
> and seemed to be trying to do basically the same thing.
> If the effort being put into OM2009 was to instead be put into making
> an SHR Testing build that is a bit more up-to-date, and is kept
> stable, that would make me pretty happy.
> I don't see at this point why it makes sense to continue to put effort
> into OM2009 as a distro...
> Warren

+1. I tried OM2009t5 around July hoping for a minimal functioning phone
distro, and after facing some pretty severe issues (sound quality, not
able to pick up phone calls pretty regularly) I switched to SHR-U. Which
gave me what I wanted: fairly good sound quality, and most important, no
more frustration having to watch my phone ring and not being able to
pick it up. Oh, and a couple of nice apps out of the box, too.

OM2009 users: are you successfully using your Freerunners as phones
(also picking up calls)? Or just for non-phone purposes?

My 0,02€: There's SHR, which is pretty advanced, also in terms of plain
basic phone functionalityso. I don't see any reason for OM2009 to catch
up to where SHR already is.


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