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On 8/28/09, Risto H. Kurppa <risto at> wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 9:47 PM, Bernhard Reiter<ockham at> wrote:
>> OM2009 users: are you successfully using your Freerunners as phones
>> (also picking up calls)? Or just for non-phone purposes?
> Yes, om2009 unstable.
> (but I still vote for going to SHR :)
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Oh guys... I'm SHR developer (once I tried Om2009), but... regarding
stablity, SHR and FSO is mainly the same! We both use FSO and we both
are affected by FSO bugs. And most of bugs regarding phone
functionality came from FSO on both distros (ok, in early stage SHR
ophonekitd wasn't perfect, but now it should be rock solid). That's
just matter of used versions. Saying "om2009 is unstable cause i can't
answer call" means that this bug probably is (was or even will be)
also in SHR, and vice versa.

Om2009 was much stabler than SHR-unstable. That's why I liked SHR more
;) Now shr-unstable has bugfixes to most of om2009 issues. That's why
shr-unstable is now stabler than om2009.

And don't get me wrong - i'm SHR developer, and I love SHR, and I
"fight" with Om2009 (regarding "i with SHR want to be better than guys
with om2009" ;)), but I really don't like criticizing anything without
knowing anything about mentioned issues and causes! Paroli is great
work, I just don't like approach "everything in one big daemon", but
my opinion doesn't make Paroli worse... I'll just use SHR without
saying bad words on Paroli.

Well, probably reality isn't as simple as i presented in this post.
But i'm sure it's at least close to ;) And I hope you'll understand
what I said. This post can be noisy cause i'm excited with listening
to really great concert of polish rock group (Perfect) from 1981
(great time of rock in Poland) which I just got ;)

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak

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