New Freerunner Owner wants to help out!

Alex Teiche xelapond at
Sat Aug 29 04:47:18 CEST 2009

Hello Everyone,

I have had my Freerunner for 2-3 Months now(A6 no buzzfix), and I feel like
I finally have the time to help out:)  I sent an email a while ago asking
about peoples recommendations for developing a new chat app, but I never
found the time to get started.

I am 100% self taught, but I consider myself proficient in Python and most
C.  I have done quite a bit of work with embedded electronics(Mostly AVRs
and ARM7s, and some FPGA stuff), but definately not enough to be of much
help on the GTA02-Core project.

Can you guys recommend the best way for me to help out?   I would love to
learn about and work on the kernel level, but I know next to nothing
regarding this.  Can you suggest a way that I could learn short of asking a
lot of dumb questions on IRC?:P  I have written some of my own things with
Python and Elementary, which projects need the most help/what important
applications are we lacking the most?


Alex Teiche
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