Launchers (shr-launcher, qalee, ...) and Xdg

Nicola Mfb nicola.mfb at
Sat Aug 29 16:21:50 CEST 2009

while writing a simple application launcher for my needs I found (and
begin to lite support) freedesktop Xdg menu specifications [1] so just
asked to myself if other launchers supports these. It may be a way to
unify launchers behaviour and user preferences, but it's a new topic
for me, so I do not know the real status and actual trends.
What do you think about?

Reading the specs I found "Telephony" and "TelephonyTools", in the
additional categories, are these suitable for phone apps? should shr
applications/paroli and so on add one of that in the respective
.desktop file?

Finally if this is an interesting topic and we come to a "common"
default menu view of applications, we may think to customize the
/etc/xdg/menus/ of SHR (and other distros, ore create
a specific new one) to match our needs. That may be a real starting
point to have the same applications menu structure even if the user
decide to install and use different launchers.




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