Showroom hosting , roadmap draft & design

Fabian Killus fabian at
Sat Aug 29 14:32:55 CEST 2009

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009 05:05:36 +0200
David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at> wrote:

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> >
> > Please comment if you like it or not (I know it's not perfect, just
> > an idea). Here comes the png:
> >
> >
> >
> > jxs
> My comments on the mokup some of them will be related to  the coding
> effort to reach some of your proposal and what I think it should be
> the fisrt relase, as Markus said what we can't reach now we will reach
> later:
> -Hierarchical clasification:well righ now there is only a flat
> classification on apt-portal (as it was on so first release
> will have only one level.
> -Multiple distros: idem as previous one, but this will be a priority
> for futures impovements
> -Too big fonts?? If the description become larger and there are much
> comments  too much scroll
> -As other said, too strong colors, I prefer a dominant white with
> details with the official colors ,
> -again said by others the OM logo is too big, wasting a lot of
> horizontal/vertical space
> -Having distros on a column always on left side seem to me again a lot
> of space wasting, having a roll over menu, and line some where in the
> app description telling "also in this other distros:...." ,and a "not
> in your favourite distro?" link with the instructions you mentioned
> will safe a lot of useful space.
> above are opinions now what I really think :Good work Fabian! :),
> thanks a lot for the mokup
> -

The fonts and the logo are far too big, I know. I want to create
another mockup, but it will take some time, since I'm moving at the
About the distributions menu on the left side I have to disagree. I
don't think it should be replaced with a roll over menu. I would agree
on having the side menu + roll over menu. Space below the side menu
could be used for a sponsor logo for Tuxbrain if the showroom will be
placed on your server.


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