QtMoko is great! :-)

-= Apertum =- info at apertum.it
Sat Aug 29 17:08:14 CEST 2009

  A little ciao here to all ;-)

I started my Neo usage some month ago with Qtopia. Yesterday i've 
installed the V8 of QtMoko: i'd like only to say that i like a lot QtMoko!
Contratulation to all the contributors and maintainers!

IMHO it's really the best distro for everyday phone (of course there 
some problems, but the base it's really strong).

The Qx trick to launch TangoGPS was really a cool idea, congratulation 
to Radek for his incredible work on this (and not only on this).

I started to make some contribution to the QtMoko site htp://www.qtmoko.org


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