Bernhard Reiter ockham at
Sat Aug 29 19:10:51 CEST 2009

Am Freitag, den 28.08.2009, 21:09 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Krzyszkowiak:
> Oh guys... I'm SHR developer (once I tried Om2009), but... regarding
> stablity, SHR and FSO is mainly the same! We both use FSO and we both
> are affected by FSO bugs. And most of bugs regarding phone
> functionality came from FSO on both distros (ok, in early stage SHR
> ophonekitd wasn't perfect, but now it should be rock solid). That's
> just matter of used versions. Saying "om2009 is unstable cause i can't
> answer call" means that this bug probably is (was or even will be)
> also in SHR, and vice versa.
> Om2009 was much stabler than SHR-unstable. That's why I liked SHR more
> ;) Now shr-unstable has bugfixes to most of om2009 issues. That's why
> shr-unstable is now stabler than om2009.
> And don't get me wrong - i'm SHR developer, and I love SHR, and I
> "fight" with Om2009 (regarding "i with SHR want to be better than guys
> with om2009" ;)), but I really don't like criticizing anything without
> knowing anything about mentioned issues and causes! Paroli is great
> work, I just don't like approach "everything in one big daemon", but
> my opinion doesn't make Paroli worse... I'll just use SHR without
> saying bad words on Paroli.

well, so maybe it's because i was using om2009t5 (not unstable), but it
having being promoted as stable enough for daily use, i was pretty
disappointed to find it was not. and with shr-u (from around 07/31, i
think), things worked pretty good. so maybe i really don't know enough
about internals and organization, but trust me: with om2009t5, i
couldn't pick up about every other incoming call -- or more -- which
made it practically useless. with shr-u, i can pick up calls. that's
about all i wanted to say about om2009 vs. shr.


> Well, probably reality isn't as simple as i presented in this post.
> But i'm sure it's at least close to ;) And I hope you'll understand
> what I said. This post can be noisy cause i'm excited with listening
> to really great concert of polish rock group (Perfect) from 1981
> (great time of rock in Poland) which I just got ;)


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