QtMoko is great! :-)

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Sun Aug 30 03:04:20 CEST 2009

* Stefan Fröbe wrote, Il 29/08/2009 23:45:
> Hi Andrea,
> I also tried it out yesterday and loved the speed - I could not start 
> any X apps, however. How did you manage to run tangogps???
> Stefan
You have to click on the QX icon on the App section (it's a black icon 
with an X). Then you can launch TangoGPS with a GUI. You can always exit 
or pause TangoGPS with a quick AUX button pression. I think i'll try to 
add some instruction and photos on the QtMoko Wiki ( 
http://www.qtmoko.org ).

Very cool, and it works well!

I like the fact that under Qt, with this method, we can launch any X 
program, absolutely smart.


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