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Niels Heyvaert nielsheyvaert at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 31 09:33:36 CEST 2009

> pbondo wrote:
>> 4. The ring tone audio on incoming call is delayed several seconds. I.e.
>> the vibrator starts several seconds before the ring tone. Also the ring
>> tone will only stop several seconds after pressing accept call.
> This one has oddly been reversed since 2009-8-12. Now the ring tone stops
> correctly, but the vibrator "rings" too long (on average 1-2 "ring" after I
> accept the call) and the calling party can hear it :-)

I've noticed the same. Would it make sense, if not already implemented that way, when accept or reject is pressed, the first actions are to stop ringing and vibrating before doing anything else underneath?

> pbondo wrote:
>> 7. Phone log will open in multiple instances. If I receive multiple
>> missed calls, I will have several phonelogs open. If I look in the wrong
>> one, it will only report one missed call. If one instance is open while
>> receiving a new phone call it will not be updated.
> I have learned to live with this.

I have had several occasions where the multiple phone log opened up multiple instances. In most cases, each instance can be stopped and the FR continuous working. However, in some cases the FR totally freaks out and only a reboot can help out.
I think it is possible to detect the same application is already running (has been discussed in the list before). Solving this bug would definitely improve stability and user experience.

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