[QtMoko] Some QtMoko Questions

Ahmad Abdel-Yaman ahmad221284 at yahoo.com
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Thanks, that worked perfectly :-)

I just noticed something strange though: I got a couple of calls, and I couldn't hear the caller. The phone wakes up and rings, I can answer, and the caller hears me, but i can't hear anything on the speaker. This problem only happens on incoming calls, outgoing calls work just fine. Could this have to do with the phone not waking up from suspend properly?


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Ahmad Abdel-Yaman wrote:
> Hello everyone, I just tried the latest QtMoko release and it's
> absolutely excellent. I do have a couple of questions though:

Nice to hear...

> 1. Where do I need to put the images for QtMoko to see them (for
> example if I want to change the homescreen background or assign a
> certain photo to a contact)? And is there a specific file type that I
> should use?

You should place images under one of these:


and then do Main menu->Documents->Rescan system

> 2. If I want to change the ringtones, do I still have to replace the
> original phonering.wav and alarm.wav with files that have the same
> name and type or do I simply need to add the new files to the same
> directory (/opt/qtmoko/etc/SystemRingTones)?

You'll probably have to replace them.


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