Launcher - v 0.35 Release (inbuilt contacts, sms and phonelog)

Steven ** montgoss+openmokocommunity at
Mon Aug 31 17:16:50 CEST 2009

Your messages app doesn't get most of my contact names right.  It just
shows the phone number.  I'm guessing this is because none of my
contacts have a "1" at the start, but the framework stores the
received number with that "1".  Once I corrected my framework config
file, the shr-messages app gets the contact names correctly.

The contacts is nice, particularly the jump feature.  It didn't work
for the first few letters I chose (it would instead jump to the end of
the list).  Perhaps it hadn't finished building the whole list yet or
something.  Because after jumping around a few times to letters that
did work, I tried one that hadn't worked originally and it then
Also, the sorting should probably be case insensitive.  I noticed one
of my contacts that starts with a lowercase letter is placed at the
end of the list instead of where it belongs alphabetically.


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