blink AUX or power light while suspended?

Michal Brzozowski rusolis at
Mon Aug 31 20:53:13 CEST 2009

2009/8/31 Sebastian Krzyszkowiak <seba.dos1 at>

> On 8/31/09, Nathan Kinkade <nath at> wrote:
> > So you're already using the AUX light to let you know when a call or SMS
> > was missed?  Is this only while the phone is charging and/or not
> > supended?  How did you get that working?
> It's blinking always when there is missed event and phone is not suspended.
> I implemented it in opimd and oeventsd. My work is already in
> frameworkd (for some long time), but to use that you have to use opimd
> based phone apps.

Any documentation on this?
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