[QtMoko] triangle icon on shelf (top bar)

Ali alishams at interchange.ubc.ca
Tue Dec 1 04:32:39 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-30 at 15:27 -0800, Brolin Empey wrote:
> Hello World,
> I am using QtMoko v14 on a US FreeRunner (rev A6).  Ever since I
> switched from Speak Out Wireless to Fido, QtEI shows a triangle icon
> on the shelf (top bar).  This triangle icon did not appear when I used
> Speak Out Wireless.  I Googled for “qtopia phone triangle icon” and
> found an IRC log (search for “triangle”) claiming the triangle icon
> means roaming.  Is this true?  If yes, how can I be roaming when I am
> (AFAIK) in my home area?  I live and work in Delta, British Columbia,
> Canada.
> Thanks,
> Brolin
 Hey Brolin! I have the same issue, also with Fido. For reference, I am
located in Vancouver BC. It's been like this with even the earlier
versions of qtopia. My cell bill never shows roaming time, so it's not
as if i'm charged for it. I've wanted to get on the phone with Fido and
see if it's their end, but haven't made time (i hate talking to tech
support). I recall seeing this in *every* stack since I got the
freerunner launch week. Even on the current SHR, under modem info in
settings, it shows roaming. Seeing as how it only showed up after you
switched to Fido and seeing as how almost no one else complained it
leads me to believe it's a Fido problem. 

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