[All] New version of the orrery program available

Ken Young rtm at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 1 07:16:58 CET 2009

A new version of the orrery program has been uploaded to the
GForge site, and to opkg.org.   There are not many new user
features - the Monthly Moon Calendar is prettier, and both
moon calendars now show Blue Moons (including the one on
New Years Eve, this year).   Finger friendliness has been
improved in a few areas.

Several worthless features (stylus mode, etc) have been

One of the most commonly cited bugs, which caused the program
to fail if it was run on a phone whose locale had been set
to a language which uses commas, rather than periods, as
the decimal place separator, has been fixed.   Thanks a bunch
to Heiko Stubner, who submitted a patch that fixed this bug.

Joshua Rosen make new configuration files for the GNU automake
tools, and VERY PATIENTLY showed me how to make them work.
The source tarball is no longer a pathetic parody of a
source file distribution.

Please note - I mistakenly uploaded a version labelled 2.8
to the GForge site.   I can't get rid of it; please ignore it.
The 2008.x packages labelled 2.8 and 2.7 on the GForge site
are actually both 2.7.

Here's a list of the changes:

Version 2.7:
    New user features:

       Monthly moon calendar now uses moon images.
       Also, both moon calendars now show "Blue
       Moons", using the common definition that
       a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a
       calendar month.

       Enlarged and re-arranged buttons on the
       "opts" page, for enhanced finger

       Got rid of "stylus mode".   The program is
       always in finger mode now.   There was
       never a significant difference between the
       two modes anyway.

       The program now always saves configuration
       changes in nonvolatile memory.   This is
       the standard behavior for handheld

    Bug Fixes:

       Build-related files completely redone so
       as to use GNU autotools properly.

       Program no longer crashes if run on a
       phone who's locale is set to a language
       which uses a comma for the decimal point.

       Improved handling of zoom gestures which
       originate in the panning area.   Before
       this fix, it was difficult or impossible
       to zoom an area near the horizon, because
       such a gesture would be interpreted as a
       "press" in the panning area, which would
       call up the azimuth compass.

       Removed the call to the popt library that
       parsed the command line arguments.   This
       caused problems, because not all Freerunner
       software stacks shipped with the popt
       library.   The program now parses its
       command line arguments with no call to any

       Fixed a bug which made it difficult to
       use the arrows at the bottom of the monthly
       moon calendar to change months.

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