[WikiReader] French Image

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Tue Dec 1 09:36:57 CET 2009

Thomas Hocedez wrote:
> Hi people.
> I manage to generate a French image for the wikireader .. but it is not
> usable. A sad "Failed to load article ...." is always displayed.
> My image strangely a single 1.4Go file ... any idea ?

> I'm regenerating an image. using lasts scripts. We'll see tomorrow.
> Tilmasn did you manage to generate something good ?

Unfortunately not. I'm building in a virtual machine. So it's slow. :)
And I still missed a bug in the code. The programme does not terminate
correctly because I left crap in the cleanup routine.
Damn runtime errors after 10 hours or so. :)

Keep you posted...

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