[All] New version of the orrery program available

neo at el-hennig.de neo at el-hennig.de
Tue Dec 1 10:38:09 CET 2009

> One of the most commonly cited bugs, which caused the program
> to fail if it was run on a phone whose locale had been set
> to a language which uses commas, rather than periods, as
> the decimal place separator, has been fixed.   Thanks a bunch
> to Heiko Stubner, who submitted a patch that fixed this bug.

orrery 2.7 works well, if you start it from ssh. But the problem with orrery crashing when started through illume icon or from terminal is still there.  The error is still "Wrong number (1) of numbers found on line 1 of /media/card/orrery/orbitalElements/mercury/Elements"

What I do now is, starting orrey by wrapper skript that unsets LANG and LC_ALL. This works!

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