[WikiReader] French Image

Tilman Baumann tilman at baumann.name
Wed Dec 2 11:07:16 CET 2009

David Reyes Samblas Martinez wrote:
> 2009/12/1 Thomas HOCEDEZ <thomas.hocedez at free.fr>:
>> No, I didn't. What would be the interest to do so ?
> it generate the index from the final filesto be able to search them
> correctly generating a hash file that must be included, in the image
> directory:
> $../host-tools/has-gen/has-gen --fnd=pedia.fnd --pfx=pedia.pfx
> --hsh=pedia.hsh

I suspect there is still something wrong with my modification to the script.

Building of my German wikipedia finally finished, but it does not work
No link or even search points to the right article. Some articles are not
even found.

I removed all files that started with pedia* and copied the following
files from my image dir on it.
pedia0.dat  pedia0.idx-tmp  pedia.fnd  pedia.hsh  pedia.idx  pedia.pfx

Any ideas?
I think I jinxed the PARSER_COMMAND and it re-writes the output file every
time I restart it. But to test that I need two or three days again. :)

 Tilman Baumann

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