[shr-u] kind of #1024?

Matthias Eller matthias at eller-net.de
Fri Dec 4 00:12:52 CET 2009


I'm using the shr-full-eglibc-ipk--20091124-om-gta02.rootfs.jffs2 
right now.
The phone show a bug, which did not occur in former times.
When the phone is suspended and a call is coming in it resumes and 
looses the gsm connection for a second (icon in the upper left 
changes) and then gets the gsm connection back (icon changes back to 
some bars). The caller gets some kind of "temporarily not available" 
at this time. If a call is coming in while the phone is not in suspend 
everything is fine.

ti_calypso_deep_sleep is set to never.

I've never seen this bug befor on my phone.
So is this some kind of #1024, so it coul be fixed with a larger 
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