[shr-u] kind of #1024?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri Dec 4 00:20:30 CET 2009

> I've never seen this bug befor on my phone.
> So is this some kind of #1024, so it coul be fixed with a larger
> capacitor?

sounds like the issue i was experiencing for weeks now with more recent  
fso-usaged, although with zhone. not sure if it is related to zhone or fso.
my workaround was to use apmd and put a script into the resume scripts  
folder that calls the fso method to resume gsm.

but then again, here did the fr lose connection completely when resumed ...

anyway. i still suspect it to be related to #1024 somehow.
need to get that fixed once i got hold of another cellphone for that time.

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