[shr-u] kind of #1024?

Matthias Eller matthias at eller-net.de
Fri Dec 4 13:18:45 CET 2009

Am Freitag 04 Dezember 2009 schrieb Matthias Eller:
> When the phone is suspended and a call is coming in it resumes and 
> looses the gsm connection for a second (icon in the upper left 
> changes) and then gets the gsm connection back (icon changes back
>  to  some bars). The caller gets some kind of "temporarily not
>  available" at this time.

I did an update last night.
Now the phone resumes from suspend, show the "no connection" icon but 
keeps on ringing. The Caller hears that the phone is ringing.
No connection-breaks now.

ti_calypso_deep_sleep is still "never".
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