Building for SHR - toolchain?

EdorFaus edorfaus at
Fri Dec 4 22:34:41 CET 2009


I've been building a couple of packages for the FR, mostly with SHR-U in mind 
(since that's what I've been using myself). Note that I haven't upgraded to 
the latest SHR-U yet, due to it apparently having some issues (it's my main 
phone), and due to a lack of time on my part (work has gotten busy)...

Now, one of the packages is for someone else's programs (sgt-puzzles), that 
I'm really just building for the phone. The other is a launcher for them, 
which I wrote using elementary.

With the latest SHR-U image, I've had reports of the latter not being 
installable, due to the elementary dependency - looking into it, there's 
apparently been some renaming of the library packages going on. I figured this 
should be fairly easy to fix, just modify my dependencies... However, the 
library soname has apparently also changed (due to upstream, I hear), meaning 
I have to relink the executable specifically for the new libs (unless the 
packagers of elementary would deign to include symlinks for the old soname?).

My problem is, I can't figure out how to do this properly.

I've been using the OM toolchain, since it was easy to use as a 3rd-party 
maintainer/developer - just unpack it once, then call the env setup and build 
my program when needed (installing lib packages as needed).
Packaging for installation is similarly easy, with ipkg-build.

With the library rename though, I apparently need a new toolchain, since SHR-U 
is now different from OM (the old library soname is not present, and my pkg-
config doesn't know the new one).

However, everything I've managed to find about building programs for SHR seems 
to talk about first building an image of SHR, or something like that - which 
seems like total overkill and not something I really want to do, since I don't 
want an image of my own, I just want my program to work on SHR - which to me 
seems more likely if I avoid making my own version/build/whatever of it...
I have no real interest in doing development on the SHR apps (they're 
generally over my head, and my time is limited), and just want to build and 
package my own small apps so that they work on the phone (which pretty much 
means SHR-U for me).

So, my question is, does a toolchain similar to the OM one exist for SHR[-U]?
If so, where can I get it?
If not, how should I do things? Is building SHR really the best way?

Best wishes,
Frode Austvik

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