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Sun Dec 6 03:43:48 CET 2009

Jörg König escribió:
> Hi folks!
>   To make it short. Let me know if this is the wrong lists to post
> following question. Perhaps you can point me to the right list?

It's not "the wrong list", but shr has it's own user[1] an devel[2]
list, so it might be a good place to ask if you cant's find all the help

>   I just recently bought a used FreeRunner. And now I want to play
> around, especially I would like to try out different distributions. When
> I got it, it had hackable:1 on it. Now I'm trying to install SHR on it.
> I found a description for the installation process here: 
> It seems I didn't get it right. I downloaded the uSD card image. I was
> able to write is on the uSD card and I also could boot the first time.
> After a reboot, it stucks, saying: 
> "Unknown boot option `g-ether.host_addr=00:1F:11:01:0B:A3`: ignoring"

what image are you using? I'm not an expert on shr but shr-testing[3] is
working fine for me so far (they just release it a couple of days ago,
and shr-unstable[4] from november 30th it fine as well. Just be careful
about using the right modules for the kernel.

>   I *think* I was supposed to unpack the kernel and the modules too.
> Perhaps I also had to use `dfu-util` to write a new bootloader. However,
> what I'm trying to say is that the documentation is not that clear to me
> in that point. Since I want to use a uSD card, I concluded that I had to
> download uImage-xx, `full-om-gta02.tar.gz` and finally the modules. 

As you know you have to options: flash the kernel an image into the
internal flash of the neo, and the other one is use an micro sd card. I
myself prefer to do all the testing into the sd card an just flash a
light and not pimped distro into the phone. The only reason is that
untarng into the sd card is faster than flashing.

If you flash you use dfu-utils, and flash the kernel an the image, start
the neo, then log in via ssh, copy the modules an untar them into the /

If you use the sd card you create (at least) two partitions and put the
kernel (uImage.bin) in the first and the uncompresed image and modules
into the other one.

It normal if it takes longer to boot the first time, but it should take
>1 <2 minutes to boot the next time.

>   The big question mark I have is when to apply the modules? Shouldn't I
> unpack them on the uSD card too? The documentation is mentioning to
> unpack them on the FreeRunner. Isn't it then too late?

Noup, not too late. Modules are an "optional" thing to do. It should
boot without them most of the times.

>   For me it would be a good help to have a step by step tutorial with as
> few "if"s as possible. Can somebody give me a hint to such a tutorial?

The link you mentioned above and this[5] are supoosed to do that. Sorry
it didn't. I might take a look at that, but my english is no that good
and It could get a lot worse :p

>   Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for any documentation! I know how it
> feels to work on assumptions how things work. 
> I'm grateful for any hint! Looking forward to continue tweaking my
> little device.  :-)

Good look! And please be patient, it's not going to be nice an soft, but
you can have a lot of fun, and you have a great thing in your hands :)

> Joerg


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