Keyboard and Screen Rotation in SHR

Bernhard Hoell Pearn at
Mon Dec 7 22:15:08 CET 2009


I have tried several solutions of screen rotation, but I always end up having either a keyboard does not fit my screen layout . 
Either the keyboard was invoked first when being in portrait mode and is outside the visible sceen area when rotated to landscape mode or the keyboard was invoked first in landscape mode that then is too wide for portrait mode after rotation. 
If I manually disable the keyboard in the illume settings (Wrench>Keyboard>None) and re-enable it I always get a keyboard that fits my current layout.
So the most logical solution seems to me to combine screen rotation with disabling/enabling the keyboard.
It would be great if someone could advise how to change the keyboard via using the command line rather than clicking through the illume settings. This way I could wrap things up in a script and would benefit from always being able typing...

Thanks in advance,


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