[Shr-User] [shr-latest] fso or phonefsod borked (?) no resume

Davide Scaini dscaini at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 11:32:29 CET 2009

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Hi Sebastian and Community,
just a test: launch tangogps in default mode (without fsoraw -r CPU --)
and let the fr suspend after a while... when you resume the phone you'll
not have phonefosd running (or at least shr-settings is not able to
communicate with that, and no way to have again a working phone, just
reboot). Give a try, please.
Today I'll start a different test, I'll try to: boot the phone and then
let him live without launching apps, just resume suspend and see if
phone functionalities will brake.

Sebastian Spaeth ha scritto:
> Davide Scaini wrote:
>> Today I installed fresh shr-testing on nand (while i have shr-u on
>> musd). I have the same problem, but I have an idea!
>> The phone functionalities are ok until I launch something with fsoraw.
>> After a suspension then I get from shr-settings config app the message i
>>  posted in my last message.
> Interesting data point, thanks. I will do some tests on this.
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