[QtMoko] GPS navigation apps for QtMoko

Brolin Empey brolin at brolin.be
Thu Dec 17 01:47:17 CET 2009

Hello list,

Are there any GPS navigation apps for QtMoko, i.e., any usable without an X
server?  I cannot use QX because every time I try, I end up having to remove
the battery from my FreeRunner because my FreeRunner locks up and is
unusable.  I wanted to use Navit, but it requires a working X server.

Alternately, is there any way to get a working (non-QX) X server on QtMoko,
or use QtMoko with an X server (maybe on plain Debian)?

Months ago, I asked for recommendations of MicroSDHC cards to buy to install
plain Debian on.  I still have not even found a place to buy any of the
recommended cards because I have not made doing so a sufficiently high
priority for it to ever be done.

My parents gave me a Garmin nûvi GPS navigator (I do not remember which
model, but I can find out if you want) as an early Christmas gift, so I at
least have a working GPS navigation solution, but it would be better if I
could use my FreeRunner as a GPS navigator.  I never use cell phones while
driving because doing so is a recipe for disaster for me:  I always pull
over and stop before using a cell phone.  I am mentioning this because I
wonder if it simplifies finding a GPS navigation app because I do not use
cell phones while driving, so I do not have to answer nor make calls while
the GPS navigation app is running.  I still need to log missed calls and
receive SMS messages, though.  I also do not want messages about missed
calls or received SMS messages blocking my view of the GPS navigation app on
the screen while I am driving because I may not even be able to safely pull
over to use my FreeRunner.

I am using QtMoko v14, but will see if v15 looks like it is worth upgrading


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