Least-hassle method of getting a usable Web browser + telephony support while GPRS is enabled?

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Thu Dec 17 05:38:18 CET 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 9:24 PM, Al Johnson
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> On Thursday 17 December 2009, Brolin Empey wrote:
> > Hello list,
> >
> > I am using QtMoko v14.  AFAIK, QtMoko does not support GSM multiplexing,
> > which means even if I had a working and usable Web browser for QtMoko, I
> > could not use telephony functionality, such as making and receiving phone
> > calls, while GPRS is enabled.  If I wanted to have Internet access on my
> > FreeRunner, what is the least-hassle method of getting a usable Web
> browser
> > + telephony and SMS support while GPRS is enabled?  Am I better off
> finding
> > a usable proprietary phone?
> Since you've already got the phone you may as well give the other firmware
> options a try. We keep finding people have different definitions of
> 'usable'
> so you'll have to see what suits you.
> SHR should be easy to try, and is supposed to do everything you want.
> There's
> a GUI for the GPRS config. It has multiplexing so GPRS, SMS and telephony
> should work together (I say should as I haven't tried GPRS recently.)
> Midori
> might be a suitable browser, although there is a problematic interaction
> between the illume keyboard and midori's address autocompletion at the
> moment.
There are other browsers in the SHR feeds so if you don't like Midori you
can replace it, some worth mentioning is  Eve, Links/Links-x11, Dillo use to
be in the feeds but don't know why the one from opkg.org wouldn't work.

Debian or hackable:1 may be worth a try too. They have a wider selection of
> browsers available, but I don't know the status of the telephony side.
> > Please do not suggest the iPhone because until
> > the iPhone 3GS was released, Apple refused to accept my money even though
> I
> > wanted their product:  the only way to buy a new iPhone in Canada from a
> > store was to sign a 3-year term contract with Rogers or Fido.  That is
> > illogical.  If I want Apple’s product, Apple should sell it to me.  I do
> >  not want to sign a 3-year term contract.  I have no term contract with
> my
> >  Fido monthly plan.  With Rogers, I would have had to sign at least a
> >  1-year term contract, pay a 1-time activation fee plus a System Access
> Fee
> >  every month. I still had to pay a 1-time activation fee with Fido, but I
> >  do not pay any System Access Fee nor did I have to sign a term contract.
> >  Anyway, I decided I am not buying an iPhone because I do not want to
> >  encourage Apple to not sell their products to consumers, such as me, who
> >  can afford them but do not want to sign a 3-year term contract.  Why
> would
> >  I want to develop an application for a device (the iPhone) no one in
> >  Canada can buy new from a store without signing a 3-year service
> >  agreement?  My users would have to jailbreak their iPhone just to use my
> >  app because Apple wants control over their platform.  I do not want an
> >  iPod Touch because then I still need a separate phone.  I already used
> to
> >  have a separate phone and PDA.  I want less devices to always carry with
> >  me, not more.  Anyway, I know this post has turned into a rant about the
> >  iPhone.  I think if I had to choose a proprietary phone, I would be
> >  limited to non-Android Linux phones because I want the same OS on my
> phone
> >  as on my PCs, which run Ubuntu and Windows NT (Vista, but it is still
> >  Windows NT, not Windows.), not iPhone OS, Symbian OS, Windows CE/Windows
> >  Mobile/Pocket PC/whatever it is called now because Microsoft loves
> >  renaming things, BlackBerry stains, or some other crappy, ephemeral, and
> >  proprietary OS used on only 1 type of computer (cell phones and/or
> PDAs).
> >  Windows NT does not run on ARM even though modern embedded computers are
> >  more powerful than the desktop computers Windows NT originally ran on.
> >  Ubuntu is based on Debian, which runs on the FreeRunner, so QtMoko/plain
> >  Debian it is.  I do not want to start an Android rant, but let’s just
> say
> >  I am avoiding Android because it is non-standard,
> > proprietary, uses Java (I hate Java because it is gross.) and is hyped by
> > the same people who hype Java:  non-programmers who do not even use it.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Brolin
> >
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